Soil Biologicals

Root Biological Solutions provides a soil biological product capable of improving soil health by stimulating and feeding native microbial life.

This increases the soil’s active microbial population allowing for a more complete conversion of macro and micronutrients.

Yield Builder

PS-FOUNDATION™ is a plant and soil nutrient concentrate consisting of vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, chelated trace minerals, humates, kelp and a powerful non-ionic surfactant-compatible. Click here for more information about PS-FOUNDATION™

Fertilizer Booster

Boost the efficiency of everything you apply to your soil. PS-STARTER PRO™ is specifically formulated for compatibility and use with high phosphorus (starter) fertilizers or as a starter by itself. Click here for more information about PS-STARTER PRO™

Foliar Feed

Energize your Crops with Micro-nutrients, Vitamins & Enzymes. Vital Boost™ is a high-quality, liquid, foliar-nutrient spray for actively growing plants. Click here for more information about Vital Boost™.

For more information on BMZ Biologicals, click here

Dramatically improve your soil’s ability to work for you.

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