Root Agricultural Consulting designs and materializes thoughtful solutions tailored to individual farm needs.

We have worked with various client’s across all farm sizes 

Collection & Reports

Sustainability data collection
Federal and state grant feasibility studies
Government program assistance
Water right research & planning
Farmland development strategies

We provide services to farmers pursuing a third-party audit on sustainability metrics. We also offer various programs ranging from complete sustainability program management, to basic data collection, to data verification. 

On-Farm Implementation

Sustainability program management
Crop rotation planning and financial analysis
Technology upgrades, implementation, and data monitoring
Soil health evaluations
Project budgeting/review/management
Energy use, air quality and climate change research

We provide services farmers seeking to accelerate operational efficiency and profit maximization through sustainability tracking and metrics. We seek to optimize annual income generation and long-term asset appreciation. We believe financial and environmental performance are inherently linked. 

Root Agricultural Advisory
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