October 19, 2022

How producers are driving a more connected food ecosystem

Shifting consumer trends are driving fundamental change across the entire food and agriculture industry. The traditional farm-to-fork model has evolved to fork-from-farm and today is better described as a connected ecosystem. This raises questions about the role that companies across the value chain — processors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers — will play as this new, more connected ecosystem emerges.

And yet, while the system experiences consumer-led disruption, players across the ecosystem must prepare for multiple operating scenarios. The mindset of planning for now, next and beyond could not be more critical to embracing disruption than it is now. The expectations of what food and ag companies provide – to individual consumers and the global community – drive home the need for a more connected food ecosystem. When you look at the impact of these shifting consumer preferences, it becomes clear that as goes the consumer, so goes the rest of the value chain. What follows is a look into how we see individual consumer preferences driving change throughout the food and ag sector and what it means for the future.


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